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Mobile Maisonette is inspired by the simplicity and delight of small vernacular cabins that have stood the test of time and exude a deep sense of nostalgia. Think Swiss mountain chalet, Canadian log cabin or Swedish friggebod.


It’s the appreciation of ‘slow living’ and getting back to basics that inspires us.  



Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a family hideaway you’re after or simply a quiet place to write and be creative, Mobile Maisonette offers you the opportunity to do so. Above all, it provides you with an intimate  space to re-connect with yourself or with others in the place of your dreams.


Our Maisonettes are beautifully designed with simplicity, functionality and quality in mind. We are not about being ostentatious. Instead, we prefer to be understated and celebrate the simple things in life.


We draw our inspiration from the traditional barn-like structures scattered throughout the South African countryside. The classic gable form makes reference to South Africa's early agricultural buildings, allowing the Maisonettes to sit quietly and comfortably within any setting. The plan is efficiently designed to accommodate a variety of uses and is enhanced with a paired down pallete of materials, colours and textures. Large window and door openings provide plenty of natural light to the interior.


Our range of carefully selected materials and fittings allows you the freedom to create an aesthetic of your choice.


The plan layouts and spacious interior design offer flexibility of use ranging from rural getaway retreats to urban home office, guest suite or student pad, artist or yoga studio, coffee shop, campsite facilities and family getaway cabins. Our maisonettes can also be used in various combinations to form Maisonette family clusters should additional accommodation be required. 


Our Maisonettes are built with sustainability in mind and are designed to "touch the earth lightly" by limiting footprint impact on nature. Mobile Maisonettes are able to function independently off-grid by harvesting solar energy and rainwater collection, or are able to connect into existing services on site.



Our Maisonettes are light and easy to transport for placing in both urban and rural settings. Our modular panel design allows for ease of transport and quick installation making the process a hassle-free experience for those who own one! Once erected, the Maisonettes can be easily disassembled or relocated to other destinations if so desired.


We have value-engineered our  Maisonettes in the most cost effective way without compromising on design and quality.

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